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General Director’s Address

Dear visitors of JSC "NPO CKTI" site, colleagues!

Dear visitors of JSC "NPO CKTI" site, dear colleagues,

I am happy to greet you on the pages of our site and I hope that upon visiting it you will find information which is useful in promoting our cooperation. 

For more then 95 years the activity of JSC "NPO CKTI" has been aimed at the development and promotion of new processes and innovative products for TPPs, HPPs, NPPs, industrial and public power generation industry.

JSC "NPO CKTI" activity is concentrated in the development, mastering and implementation of new designs and processes, technical diagnosis, safety evaluation, definition and extension of service life, energy audit, certification tests, modernization and retrofit; in certain product lines of power equipment we perform a full cycle of operations, from research and development to commissioning and post-warranty maintenance. We are ready for cooperation with the widest range of businesses.

General Director of JSC "NPO CKTI", V. Mikhaylov

Main departments and activities of JSC "NPO CKTI"

Heat Exchange and Cycle Equipment Division

Turbine Units Division

Boiler Units Division

Advanced Development Department

Mechanical Integrity and Lifetime Division

Power Equipment Testing Center (ICEO)

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