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I. I. Polzunov Scientific and Development Association on the Research and Design of Power Equipment, formerly, Central Boiler and Turbine Institute (CBTI), for over 90 years has been working in the area of power equipment design and upgrading for the following sectors:

  • Thermal, nuclear, hydroelectric power plants (TPP, NPP, HPP)
  • Combined-cycle plants (CCP)
  • Compressor and gas compressor stations (CS, GCS)
  • Industrial power engineering facilities
  • Energy technology and disposal facilities of metallurgical, chemical, oil-producing and oil-refining, natural gas, paper and pulp, and other branches of industry
  • Power generating, energy technology and disposal facilities in utility, domestic and agricultural spheres
  • Other power generating facilities

JSC "NPO CKTI" potential and capabilities:

  • Research and engineering potential including the following:

      • Highly skilled personnel (80 Grand PhDs and PhDs and 524 specialists)
      • Unique trial infrastructure

  • JSC "NPO CKTI" incorporates the following:

      • Power Equipment Testing Center certified by the Federal Certification Agency of the Russian Federation and the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom
      • Laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing and Acoustic Emission Inspection
      • Certified Laboratory of Destructive Testing
      • Certified expert panel in the field of industrial safety