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Main Activities
Main / Main Activities
  • Research, development, manufacture and adjustment of power equipment
  • Research of power equipment processes, mechanical strength and service life
  • Development and process engineering of power and energy technology plants
  • Retrofitting, reconstruction, modernization, inspection and repair of equipment in generating facilities (including conversion of boilers to off-design fuels and fluidized-bed combustion)
  • Manufacture (water and steam boilers, small STPs and HPPs, pumps, valves, burners, fuel-oil atomizers, heat-exchanging equipment, resistive-strain sensors and thermocouples)
  • Defect forecasting, monitoring and extension of service life of materials and equipment using non-destructive control methods, acoustic emission, vibration-based diagnostics, etc.
  • Mechanical strength and service life calculations for boilers, pipeline systems, pressure vessels, turbines, heat exchangers and other equipment
  • Research and tests of metal structure and service characteristics
  • Technical diagnostics of operating equipment condition (including diagnostics of operating modes, vibrations, operational effectiveness, flow-through parts condition in turbine cylinders, "turbine-substructure-foundation" system, end compactions, etc.)
  • Development of new reconditioning and repair processes for power equipment, including the use of welding, protection coatings, etc.
  • Expert assessments of various design documentation considering engineering, economic and environmental aspects and industrial safety requirements
  • All kinds of tests (on test benches and in operating conditions) of power engineering industry products, preparation for and certification of products, quality management systems and manufacturing facilities
  • Establishing research and technological groundwork
  • Development of standards, codes and regulations for power equipment design, manufacture and operation
  • Storing and updating the industry pool of regulatory documents concerning standardization (the pool is equipped with reference and search tools; RD References for power engineering industry and annotated references for regulatory support of research, design and other activities are issued)
  • Monitoring and development of water chemistry conditions of power equipment operation, methods of anticorrosion protection (including downtime corrosion)
  • Power supply
  • Development of equipment for subsea production units